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Hungarian TORUS TempO Trophy
(Jan 27th - Dec 31st, 2021)


Central European TORUS Training Week 2021
(Feb 1st - Feb 7th, 2021)


TORUS Advent Calendar 2020
International Finnish eTempO Trophy
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  • The prizes (Virtual-O licenses) have been won by
    • Igor Bondarenko,, Russia
    • Owain Jones, Bristol OK, Great Britain
    • Donatas Juozumas, OK Telsiai, Lithuania
    • Chih Wei Pan, TAIWAN Orienteering Club, Taiwan
    • Selma Rusanen, Hauhon Sisu, Finland
    • Sarah Schöps, OLV Landshut, Germany
TORUS Cup #2 Autumn 2020 Season
TORUS Cup #1 Spring 2020 Season
TORUS Cup Training Events


TORUS stands for "TempO Online Races Ultimate Series" and is a series of virtual TrailO competitions in TempO discipline.

The series was invented by a group of experienced trail orienteers in spring 2020 to face the challenge of not being able to have real competitions because of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TORUS events use the TempO Simulator created by Libor Forst in 2011 to provide realistic TempO competitions online.

The first TORUS Cup started in May/June 2020 containing 8 races prepared by experienced TrailO athletes in 7 countries within 4 weeks (Tuesdays and Thursdays), with the best 5 results counting. The premiere was a great success, with slightly less than 500 participants from all over the world, including most of the world's best TrailO athletes.

In October 2020, the second season of the cup started, with a new separation in A (Advanced) and B (Basic) category to provide more suitable courses for everyone. Therefore 2 x 8 events in 4 weeks had to be prepared. The number of participants increased to more than 550.

Each season results not only consists of individual rankings, but includes also classifications for clubs (best 3 athletes counting) and countries (best 5 athletes counting).

TORUS is coordinated by the Executive Board (EB) and since the first series it is sponsored by Virtual-O.

The logo has a form of torus, it evokes a rotating orienteering flag and was made by Josef Pelikán from the Computer Graphics Group at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

The formula of a torus is x4 + y4 + z4 + r4 + R4 + 2x2y2 + 2x2z2 + 2y2z2 - 2x2r2 - 2x2R2 - 2y2r2 - 2y2R2 - 2z2r2 + 2z2R2 - 2r2R2 = 0

To participate in TORUS events, you need an account in the TempO Simulator first.

To create a TempO Simulator account, please send an e-mail with an informal request to Libor Forst: temposim(at)

You will receive an answer within short time with a text form that needs to be filled in and sent back. Please, keep the form in English, do not change the text in line headers. An expected form of the lines is like the following one:

Firstname: John

Important: Some mailing systems evaluate the mail with the form as a spam! Check also your spam-box when waiting for the form...

As soon as the form is processed, you will receive an account creation confirmation. Then you can visit the TORUS or Simulator page and log in. After login you are able to compete in TORUS events.

Important: By sending the registration form back, you consent to use a data filled in it for making a competitor and result list. The only mandatory data is a name or surname, login and password. All the other data is optional and you can omit it.

In addition, it is possible to do all former races in the simulator as a training without registration.

The participation in all TORUS events and trainings is for free!

For each competition there is a 23.5 hours time window to compete. During this time window you have to login at TempO Simulator, chose the current event in the event list and click on "compete".

You will see all important race information like map scale, number of stations, zero tolerance, maybe terrain description and much more. You can decide about the width of the displayed pictures and maps and whether you want to use the zoom function (magnifying glass) or not. By clicking on "Load" the competition starts.

For each station you see the number of tasks, the time limit, the map scale and equidistance first. By clicking on "OK?" you start the first station. You see the picture with 6 flags first and have 5 seconds to allocate before the time starts and the map with the first task is shown. You can give your answer to use the mouse (clicking on the answer button of your choice) or the keybord (pressing the keys F1-F7, 1-7(0) or A-Z). Immediately after you submitted your first answer, the map with the next task of this station is shown and you have to answer as quickly as possible again. Time doesn't stop until you submitted the last answer for this station. If your time is over, you can finish the station but the last answers will not be counted.

After finishing one station you can take some time if you want before you start the next station by clicking "OK?" again.

Important: when doing the competition you have to absolve all stations without pressing the "Skip" button. Also, do not make any Refresh or restart of your browser. If the application has a problem with loading data of a station, be patient and wait, or retry loading only by the Retry button directly in the application!  When doing training there is no problem if you use the "Skip" button when you want to turn to the next station, or if you restart the race.

After finishing the last station you see your answers. You can review the tasks (picture and map) by clicking on a task number. As long as the competition is running you can't see the solution and where you did mistakes or not. This will be displayed after the time window for this competition is closed.

During events, the results are immediately uploaded to the server and the ranks (not the time or the points) are displayed in the live results. After the competition is finished, all detailled results, answer statistics and points calculation are available.

The TORUS Executive Board (EB) is the "brain" behind the series. It is responsible for coordination and development of TORUS including rules definition, finding organizers and advisors and decision about complaints.

TORUS Executive Board members:
Libor Forst
Ján Furucz
Petteri Hakala
Juha Hiirsalmi
Ralph Körner
Ari Tertsunen(IOF Supervisor)

You can contact the EB via torus(at)

2020-12-19, TORUS.2020_3
After Libor Forst's complaint, the 1st station of the 18th race was voided in class A. Competitors could not determine from the picture the exact position of the spur foot and verify its distance from surrounding flags.
2020-12-18, TORUS.2020_3
A complaint by Dmitrii Glotov regarding buildings at station 3 in the 17th race was rejected.
There were small inaccuracies in building positions, but the tasks were solvable.
2020-12-13, TORUS.2020_3
After Alain Kyd's complaint about a wrong control description of task 35 in the 12th race, the 3rd station of the race was voided in both classes.
2020-12-04, TORUS.2020_3
Several violations of fair play principles have been uncovered in past races.
We want to remind you that there are Cup rules that should be followed if you want to partcipate in the Cup…